Five Arduino Gadgets for Home Automation

According to it’s main website, Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s been used extensively for geek projects, with several thousands of designs out there. The Arduino designs below relate specifically to home automation devices or devices that automate household chores. #1 Basic Home Automation Adjusting the […]

Stop Wasting Your Money on Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

With the new age of constant communication and faster everything, it’s no wonder the market is flooded with ridiculous tech products. The following list is not exhaustive by far, but rather just a tip of the iceberg in the new information age that really serves less purpose than it provides. LED Water Faucet. This offers […]

Step by Step to Your First Marathon: Helpful Hints to Get from 0 to 26.2!

Around mile twenty of my most recent marathon my runner’s high was interrupted by that elusive inner voice complaining “This is hard!” What immediately followed and ultimately drove me to a strong finish was the reminder that “Of course it’s hard! That’s what makes it a marathon and such an accomplishment.” For many, the magnitude […]

Spin a Web Page that Really Grabs Attention!

Basic Principals of Web Design Designing web pages must be done with some basic principals in mind. People don’t read, they scan! The majority of internet users today simply scan pages. They are always looking for the most relevant and interesting things on the page. Web pages have to be designed with this fact in […]

Healthy Almond Berry Smoothie

¼ cup blueberries ¼ cup strawberries ¼ raspberries ¼-½ cup ice ¼ cup almond milk Blend ingredients together in a blender until desired consistency and enjoy. Facts about: Blueberries: Contain antioxidants and known for slowing the aging process Strawberries: Contains a lot of vitamin C, which aids in the promotion of a strong immune system […]

Prepping for Your First Marathon or Triathalon

Once you have decided to compete in your first marathon or triathlon, you have already changed your life for the better. Unlike so many other sports, marathons and triathlons do not revolve around winning to determine success. Since the sport offers such a profound test of your physical abilities, mental toughness and personal determination, finishing […]

Guide to Finding the Best Fonts on the Web and How to Use Them

First off, let me interject that I am not writing “the” definitive guide on typefaces, just my collected thoughts and tips. There are books written just about typeface use but since I love fonts, I’m going to indulge myself a bit here. Actually, I could ramble on about fonts forever. Over the years, I have […]