Just Keep Running

Just Keep Running

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Running is the fastest way an animal or a human being can move on their feet. Running is a sporting event in itself. Running can be of basically two types, jogging and competitive races. Jogging refers to running slowly. It is basically done to enhance stamina and fitness. Competitive races refer to competition that decides which runner runs the farthest distance during a specified time or the fastest time for a specified distance. Races are basically grouped in different categories, each requiring a specified training and running technique.

The process of running involves the whole body to coordinate. The basic features of running in humans can be summed up in a nutshell as follows:

Running takes place because of the coordinated movement of both the lower limbs. The function of each leg can be divided into three basic phases: support, drive, and recovery. The support and drive functions happen when the foot is on the ground. The recovery function happens when it is not on the ground. So all the time, one leg is on recovery and the other on support and drive.

When the foot touches the ground, it supports the whole body against the earth’s gravitational pull. The knee joint extends the most just before the support phase. The extent is decided by the running style of the runner.

The support phase gradually changes to the drive phase. In this phase, the leg widens out at the knee joint and also at the hip. The foot moves backward and downward and creates a force suited for running efficiently.

The recovery stage starts when the foot loses touch with the ground. Here the hip loosens the knee forward swiftly.

As mentioned earlier, the whole body needs to coordinate for a human to run efficiently. In running, the upper body movements balance the lower body. The movements of the lower limbs and hips are balanced by the movements of the hands, torso, and shoulders.

Essential Of A Good Running Procedure

You must maintain an upright posture while running. You must also lean forward slightly as it balances your center of mass on the front portion of your lower limb, assisting the spring factor of the foot. The best of the best runners usually run at a rate of 180 strides per minute. But that does not mean that you should also start at that rate. You will usually have a much lower rate initially and gradually have to increase it.

Injuries Caused In Running

Because of the impact it creates on the body, running is said to have caused many injuries in runners. Some widespread injuries are:

– Runners Knee: A throbbing pain in the knee.

– Shin Splints.

– Pulling of the Hamstring.

– Fractures.

– Twisted Ankles.

– Damaged Tissues.

These injuries can easily be avoided by improving running technique and wearing proper running gear.


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